Alvin is a father of three, a dedicated public servant and a passionate advocate for education, child care and the environment.

He was Director of Government Relations at Sheridan College and Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. He studied at Queen’s and Harvard universities.


During his career, he has worked to make postsecondary education more affordable, bring more green infrastructure to Ontario, and create innovation and entrepreneurship hubs in communities. He has previously served as Vice President of the Ontario Coalition for Better Childcare, advocating for children and families. He also founded Canadians for Paternity Leave, where he successfully pressured the federal government to increase paternity leave for Canadians.


Alvin believes that the Ontario Liberal Party needs new voices and new energy to rebuild, reform, and get ready to replace our short-sighted government in 2022. To do that, we need to be honest about what the big challenges are, put forward a vision of what we want our future to look like and put bold ideas on the table to get us there.



Merging the Catholic and
Non-Catholic School Systems


Under the current system, the government is quite literally wasting a billion dollars to keep children apart.  I firmly believe that a better solution is to have all of our kids - Catholic and non-Catholic - Learning Together


Universal Child Care


I want to strengthen Ontario’s economy and support families by creating a program of universal childcare for all kids from 18 months to JK


A Basic Income Plan For Ontario


We need to immediately implement a basic income for Ontario — a minimum income level for every Ontarian, regardless of employment status — as a first step to a universal approach.

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